A Brown Rabbit on Green Grass

No, a rabbit is not a rodent; rabbits belong to the order Lagomorpha, while rodents belong to the order Rodentia.

This distinction highlights significant differences in their biology and characteristics.

Differences Between Lagomorphs and Rodents

Rabbits are part of the Lagomorpha order, which also includes hares and pikas. In contrast, rodents comprise a much larger group, including mice, rats, squirrels, and beavers. Here are some key differences:

  • Teeth Structure: One of the primary differences lies in their teeth. Rabbits have four incisors in the upper jaw (two large front teeth and two smaller ones behind them), while rodents have only two.
  • Reproductive Differences: Rabbits typically have more frequent and larger litters compared to many rodents.
  • Behavioral and Habitat Variations: While both can be found in various environments, their specific habitats and behaviors can differ significantly. For example, many rabbits are adapted to open fields and forests, whereas rodents can be more versatile, living in diverse environments from urban areas to forests.

Why Rabbits Are Not Rodents

The main reason rabbits are not classified as rodents is due to these anatomical and genetic differences.

The presence of additional incisors and their unique reproductive and behavioral traits place them in a distinct category.

Rabbit Care Basics

Rabbits need spacious, safe housing, whether indoors or outdoors, protected from predators and the elements.

Their diet should mainly consist of hay, fresh veggies, and a few pellets to meet their specific nutritional needs.

As social animals, they thrive on interaction with owners or fellow rabbits, requiring companionship and mental stimulation for their well-being.

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Common Misconceptions

Beige Rabbit Resting on Green Grasses during Daytime

Despite superficial similarities, such as size and gnawing behavior, rabbits and rodents possess distinct characteristics, particularly regarding dietary preferences, social behaviors, and environmental requirements.

While both may share some traits, such as gnawing, rabbits have specific dietary needs and social tendencies that set them apart.

Contrary to common misconceptions, rabbits require substantial care, attention, and dedication as pets.

Their well-being hinges on a balanced diet, regular social interaction, and ample exercise to ensure optimal health and happiness.

For more information on the classification of rabbits and rodents, refer to Wikipedia.


Rabbits are fascinating animals with distinct characteristics that set them apart from rodents.

Understanding these differences can help ensure proper care and appreciation for these unique creatures.

Whether considering a rabbit as a pet or simply curious about their classification, recognizing their specific needs and traits is essential.